Qi Healing

Last week I discovered the power of Qi Healing. After making a trip to visit my grandchildren, I returned home in more pain and crippled than at any point on this journey.

I have been told, I will know when it’s time to replace my hip because I’ll be ready to cut off my leg from the pain. I reached that point in early August. I couldn’t even bend over and pick up my socks. I decided to make another trip to visit my acupuncture specialist to see if they could help. They did. It wasn’t really dramatic, but it did make it so I was at least able to function again and felt a lot of relief. They suggested I visit Seven Sages Healing and try a Qi healing and bodywork treatment. And so I did.

The treatment lasted about an hour and involved two QiGong masters working on me simultaneously. I’m blown away by the vast improvement that resulted right away. It has been a week and I’m still improving. I will be sure and keep you posted on the progress from this old Chinese Medicine practice that has me smiling and feeling optimistic again.


Well this didn’t work

After trying the BioD Restore, followed by three Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy injections, suggested by Dr. Peterson at the Algone Medical Center, I found little to no relief and my right hip has continued to degenerate to the point of  stiffness and chronic pain. I’ve continued my own research and discovered a number of clinical trials now underway for these types of injections. So far it’s all very discouraging.

I’ve noticed my walk (gate) changing to compensate for the severe pain and feel discouraged at best. Things seem to be going from bad to worse.  Every day I ask myself, is this journey worth taking or should I just give up and go for a complete hip replacement. I’m tired of the pain and wondering if there is anything else I can do to help relieve this situation.

I do know my left hip that I had treated with my own stem cells harvested from my bone marrow has improved dramatically and no longer bothers me.  So why not just go back for another treatment on my left hip?

Well there are many reasons. First is the cost. It’s about $6,000 per treatment and insurance won’t touch it with a 100 foot pole. So the cost is a big factor. Second is the invasive process involved in harvesting the stem cells. There is risk and it really isn’t an easy process. But admittedly, it’s a lot less invasive than a full joint replacement.

So for today, I will keep searching for a solution and doing my best to reduce the pain through natural therapies including avoiding eating sugar and junk food that fuel arthritis.

If someone asks me if I would recommend Algone, I would say NO. I’m going to stick with Healthlink in California where I did actually receive relief and the treatments were only mildly painful. The treatments at Algone were horrible and extremely painful without any benefit. Just my experience. I’ve talked to other patients from the clinic and they had the same negative experience I had. I do see they are now stating they are a Regennex clinic but when I went, that was not their thing. Makes me wonder.