12 Weeks

Cross Country Skiing in Thompson Pass 11 weeks Post Op

I woke up yesterday, 12 weeks post-op, and felt amazingly improved and on my way to a full recovery. I’m sleeping much better without pain and when I stood up and walked, I had no pain. As the day went on, I did feel some pain and stiffness, especially on the right side, but it went away with some stretching and movement. Sitting is still my worst enemy.  I have been busy at work and find that is the most detrimental to my progress.

The days I walk, ski, swim or bike, I do find I may get a bit sore, but it’s a normal soreness caused from out of shape muscles.

At this stage in my recovery, I am extremely pleased and optimistic that I will have a much more pain free future. I am grateful to Regenxx and the team at HealthLink Medical clinic for this option to healing.  It’s not easy but it’s working and I will continue to follow the suggestions from my doctor and keep moving. Motion is lotion for your joints. Onward ho!

I will also continue with the massage from my trigger point therapists who are helping to relieve so many years of pent up stress in my joints. Another key to good healing.


10 Weeks – Shoveling my deck!

My steps to the deck when I arrived home

Time is going so fast these days. I’m having more and more pain free times and definitely feel my body healing.  Back home in Alaska I have had to take on some challenging tasks  like shoveling more than 4 feet of heavy snow off my 12 X 28 foot deck. It took several days but perseverance paid off and I was able to finally finish it today.

I’m pleased to report I was able to do it with really no pain at all other than a few steps when I was going up and down the stairs a lot.

I also realized that the Mia fascia and trigger point therapy makes a BIG difference. When my lets start getting tight and knotting up, I refocus on my yoga, Qi Gong and the massage therapy and it seems to get me loose, out of pain and back on track!

As of today  I’m still satisfied with my decision to opt for stem cell. Happy and healing.


Perseverance Paid off! I found my deck and now for yoga and Qi Gong!