End of the year

GingerbreadwithMichelleI am now at 11 months and closing in on the one-year anniversary of my stem cell procedure. The past six months I have seen continued good progress and for the most part I am out of pain and healing wonderfully.

However setbacks are still something I deal with. I recently went on a trip to Utah to attend a conference. I was thrilled to be able to ski but I sure did recognize the difference from my pre-injury days and realize, I have to get back in shape for skiing before I can really take on too much.

Sitting in a hot tub at the end of the ski and hiking day did help. Plus it was luxury at it’s


finest which I would love to get used to.

I’m grateful and feeling happy I am able to ski and walk again without pain.

But after four days at a resort that involved dozens and dozens and dozens of stairs did have an effect on my legs.


Plus sitting for any period of time has definitely proven to be my worst enemy. I have been working a lot in front of the computer since I left Utah and that has probably more to do with my knotted, uncomfortable muscles than anything I did while on my trip.

I have also found that diet plays a key role. I was not able to drink my Goldenmilk (Ginger, Tumeric, pepper tea) and felt my body responding with more inflamation than usual. I recently found a great article on an anti-inflamatory diet that I believe is worth sharing. Check it out here.

Eat well, Be well. Get outdoors and enjoy life.




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