One year later

A new year and a renewed commitment to a healthy life. I have found the days I get up and start my day with a big glass of water, followed by some deep yoga breaths and stretches, at least a light 10-15 minute workout, and a ½ cup of Goldenmilk, I have less and less pain and feel stronger and stronger.

Today marks one year since my bi-lateral stem cell implant. Yesterday I went for a 15-minute swim and a two mile hike in Sedona, Arizona. The day before I made it three miles up a hill in Pine, Arizona, plus a one-mile hike to the Cliff Dwellings above Roosevelt Lake Tonto National Park, and a five-mile cross country bike ride in Usury Lake State Park.

It feels amazing to consider the progress I have made this past year. I could not sleep, sit, stand or do much of anything for more than a few minutes without nagging, aching pain last year on this day.

I’m not 100% pain free but now it’s more like twinges or sharp sudden pains  when you catch yourself a little wrong. It’s my reminder to be careful. I admit I do have some aching pain when I sit or lay in one position too long. But all and all, I feel I have made great progress.


I’m happy I went through with the stem cell procedure instead of replacing my joints, but when I talk with my friend Sandy and she has no pain at all, it makes me wonder? She has had two shoulders, two knees and an ankle replaced. I think she’s bionic. I would love to be 100% pain free, but at least now mine is no longer debilitating so I’m good.

I will keep hoping that medical advances result in a much easier, less risky procedure that can help both my hips and knees. Until then, I’ll keep on walking, hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, looking up and smiling as I work my way toward a healthy life. Hope you can join me in 2018.