Week #15

Life has been busy for me lately as I work on my construction projects, Alaska Avalanche Step5Information Center work and preparing for time with my grandchildren.

I wish I could say that I have no pain and I’m getting around better than ever but that isn’t really the case. When I work too much or sit too long, I still have trouble getting up and walking, I find there is still times when I’m walking and go from feeling wonderful and normal, to a tightness and pain in my hips that is reminiscent of the pain pre-stem cell. But the good news, I can go to bed, sleep well and then get up in the morning and move freely again.

These I know are all signs of healing and I’m just working to get stronger every day and heal and grow. I’m also able to recognize the days I’m not eating clean, drinking enough water or stretching and strengthening. There is no cheating on this healing process. If you want to get over the pain, you got to keep at it every day.


14 Week progress

GHWebsiteSpring is coming to Wasilla and my greenhouse and garden are calling. I’m hoping to start digging in the dirt soon. I am now 14 weeks post-op and still improving but not to a point I can do everything I want without pain and discomfort. While I am having a much easier time getting around and doing typical movements, I still feel some intense pain in the ligaments, tendons and muscles of my legs at the end of a busy, active day.  The tightness in my gluteous and piriformis  muscles requires deep muscle massage by rolling on  a firm ball or foam roller. But I’m able to lie down now and sleep without much pain.

I also purchased a BioMat, an amethyst crystal infared heating mat that is purported to provide profound benefits of detoxification, rapid healing, and natural pain relief. I have slept on it for three nights but don’t really feel a profound difference so I’m trying to be patient and give it a chance. I don’t seem to be able to lie on it for more than about two hours before I need to get off of it and roll to my side.

Still healing and feeling good about my decision.

12 Weeks

Cross Country Skiing in Thompson Pass 11 weeks Post Op

I woke up yesterday, 12 weeks post-op, and felt amazingly improved and on my way to a full recovery. I’m sleeping much better without pain and when I stood up and walked, I had no pain. As the day went on, I did feel some pain and stiffness, especially on the right side, but it went away with some stretching and movement. Sitting is still my worst enemy.  I have been busy at work and find that is the most detrimental to my progress.

The days I walk, ski, swim or bike, I do find I may get a bit sore, but it’s a normal soreness caused from out of shape muscles.

At this stage in my recovery, I am extremely pleased and optimistic that I will have a much more pain free future. I am grateful to Regenxx and the team at HealthLink Medical clinic for this option to healing.  It’s not easy but it’s working and I will continue to follow the suggestions from my doctor and keep moving. Motion is lotion for your joints. Onward ho!

I will also continue with the massage from my trigger point therapists who are helping to relieve so many years of pent up stress in my joints. Another key to good healing.

10 Weeks – Shoveling my deck!

My steps to the deck when I arrived home

Time is going so fast these days. I’m having more and more pain free times and definitely feel my body healing.  Back home in Alaska I have had to take on some challenging tasks  like shoveling more than 4 feet of heavy snow off my 12 X 28 foot deck. It took several days but perseverance paid off and I was able to finally finish it today.

I’m pleased to report I was able to do it with really no pain at all other than a few steps when I was going up and down the stairs a lot.

I also realized that the Mia fascia and trigger point therapy makes a BIG difference. When my lets start getting tight and knotting up, I refocus on my yoga, Qi Gong and the massage therapy and it seems to get me loose, out of pain and back on track!

As of today  I’m still satisfied with my decision to opt for stem cell. Happy and healing.


Perseverance Paid off! I found my deck and now for yoga and Qi Gong!

Eight Weeks and Healing

PS FenceThis week I had a bit of a set back because I over did it while working to build a fence around a five-acre parcel I own in Colorado. However, after a day of rest I know I am definitely making progress again. I came back to the mountains and worked with my friend and neighbor to install this field fence to protect our property from the neighbors sheep. On day five we took much needed time off to rest and recover. My legs have been aching at night but I’m sure it’s because I did too much walking on uneven ground, carrying posts, shoveling, raking… The amazing part is I was able to do those things at all!

Yesterday I went to see my friend Jean Bean in Pagosa Springs who is a practicing therapist in Quantum Energetics. It’s a very cool way to reset the bodies brain and energy channels to break through entrapments and allow the body to heal more effectively. When I first laid down on the table my hips were aching but within a few minutes of her beginning to work, the pain went away and I drifted into a place of peace, quiet and relaxation.

Interesting stuff. I continue to diligently work to heal my body. One day at a time but big steps forward. I think the most important thing I have learned on this journey is not to get discouraged and to keep going every day. I was able to get up this morning and go through my one-hour yoga, stretch, weight workout and I feel better and ready to carry on.


Seven Weeks

Today I’m happy I’m making enough progress I was able to ski and hike again but also feeling sore and a little disappointed that I’m still not completely pain free. I know

First day back on skis!

Dr. Cohen said to expect this up and down and be patient for 6-12 months. But it’s still hard. I have been thinking back about what I have been doing and eating this past week that might have contributed to the joint pain and soreness today.

I stopped working out two hours a day and drove to Flagstaff to meet my friend last Thursday. Then I skied for two-and-half-hours and went swimming on Friday. On Saturday I rode in a car and hiked on short walks around the Grand Caynon. Sunday we hiked to a couple of national monuments around Camp Verde, AZ so I got in some walking but skipped my normal routine of stretching, yoga and pushup core work. Then I took another day off on Monday to drive back to Phoenix and immediately went to work on the computer. I got in a very short bike ride in the afternoon but again no stretching or core work. On Tuesday I spent all day sitting and working on the computer with only short breaks and then get in a one-hour bike ride in the afternoon. Only to come home, forget to stretch out, and sit more.

The other detrimental factor was during this period I ate more carbs and junk food plus skipped my supplements a few times and stopped drinking golden milk.

Today I can see I must be diligent and stick to the planned routine.

I had a smoothie made with lots of micro greens and yogurt for breakfast and then a big salad with more micro greens and some turkey for dinner so hopefully that will help get me past this joint pain pretty quick. Plus I got in a good workout and stretch.

All and all I still feel like I’m making progress because there are lots of things I can do now I couldn’t do before. I just knew when I walked through Lowe’s tonight in search of supplies, I felt pain and the need to stop and stretch to work it out, a sign I am far from healed.

I’m still happy because I was able to go for an hour-and-a-half bike ride today plus get in my workout without much pain.

Guess I’ll stretch tonight, take my supplements and get to bed early for a good night’s rest. Here’s to growing stem cells and continued healing.

Six week update

dmtonotobasin14Wow. It’s amazing to consider that this week is my six week milestone. I’m getting around really well and have less and less pain everyday. I’ve been biking, swimming, hiking, elliptical running and working out with weights. Plus stretching and Yoga plus doing lots of pushups and situps so feeling stronger and healthier every day. This is a lot of hard work but it’s paying off with a huge reduction in pain.

To be honest, I’m not completely out of pain, but it’s a relief to have less every day. I am optimistic that I have a great future ahead and the ability to do the things I love and value. Feeling so grateful I decided to  journey down the Stem-Cell implant path. I swear those little guys are growing and healing my hips.